No other part of the face implies ageing as much as the eyelids, which when flaccid and swollen gives out the impression of old age even in younger ages. Also, swollen eyelids (Especially upper) give off the impression of illness and distress, which eventually could affect vision. Also, in some rare cases, swollen eyelids serve as symptoms to respiratory system, kidney, skin, and eye diseases. That is why a full medical check up and some tests are ran to discover these diseases if doctor is suspicious of any.

There are two main factors causing swollen and flaccid eyelids; these are: the accumulation of fats and the flaccidity of skin. Therefore, with plastic surgery, these extra fats can be removed and the flaccid can be treated. This surgery is very efficient in making patients look younger, and I venture to say in some cases, it is more effective than facelift, despite its simplicity and rapidity of healing. Both, upper and lower eyelids could be operated on at the same time. Also location anesthesia can be used instead of full

How It’s Done:

Upper lid operations are carried out from a transverse cut in the upper eyelid, while lower lid operations are either from a cut under the eyelashes or from the inside of the eyelid. Accumulated fat and flaccid skin are then excised from these cuts. This surgery takes about an hour and a half during which the plastic surgeon uses his experience in determining the amount of fat and flaccid skin to be removed for the best results depending on each case.

Swelling is a normal post-surgery symptom, which should not make patients worry, as it almost vanishes after a week. Also, in some cases, a blue color appears under the eyes, that gradually disappears in two weeks and could be hid with creams meanwhile. Most importantly, if pain is felt or an increase in the bluer, doctor should be seen immediately as there could be a blood accumulation, which is treated with a simple surgical approach, our well trained stuff will take care of details if you want a blepharoplasty in Egypt, we sure can help.


This is a very common and straightforward procedure with very rare complications such as:

  1. The blood accumulation previously mentioned
  2. Minor inflammation could arise around the eye due to the surgery.
  3. Slight change in the shape of the lower eyelid due to the surgery that fades as the swelling eases down.

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