Hair Transplant (Hair Loss Treatment)

Baldness is a natural phenomenon for men, and there are celebrities that are characterized with their baldness, so it is not a symptom for illness or defect, but some men might feel frustrated about it and hope to regain their appearance with hair.

Baldness appears at the forefront and the central area on top of the head while the sides and the back are mildly affected, which is explained by the fact that front and central area are more affected by male hormones than the other sides.

Hair loss treatment is now available in Egypt , through specialized center to treat men and female hair loss problem, once and forever.

Mainly, there are two different ways for hair transplant: First one involves taking natural hair follicles from the back of the scalp, which as mentioned earlier is not affected by baldness, and transferring them to the front side of the scalp. This process takes several months and can be accelerated and enhanced by normal hair procedures such as dyes and treatment. This first method is the commonly used.

The other method makes use of artificial hair fibers, which are transplanted to match the normal hair color. This method provides immediate results as opposed to the first method, but the downside of it is that the artificial hair fibers suffer losses in glow and number (10%/ year) in time. More possible complications of this method are inflammations and infections where the hair was transplanted. This method is also costly as it requires replanting every year or so, in addition to the high cost of the artificial hair.

For natural hair growth, there are two different processes: the first process utilizes a machine that extracts a disc of 2mm diameter from the hair, (Makes about 3 to 8 hairs) then this disc is transplanted in the desired area, while controlling the direction of growth for optimum results. This process can be done under local anesthesia in a prepared clinic. The main downside of this process is hair clustering together like a brush, which does not look natural. This is dealt with by planting several rows so hair can look more natural and synchronous. The second process is done by taking a longitudinal slice from the back of the scalp with 10cm length and 2 cm width, which is cut into single or double-hair follicles, which is planted at the front of the head. This process requires a great deal of patience from the surgeon and the assistants to guarantee good results. This process provides more natural-looking results. It is possible to use both processes for a single case: the first method to get thickness of hair, and the second to get natural appearance.

These operations can be performed under local anesthesia and patient can return to work in several days after dressing is removed. Also, shaving is not necessary. Success rate in hair transplant approaches a 100%, but only differs from case to case in the time by which results are visible. Natural hair transplantation can also be done earlier to increase hair thickness so boldness would not appear in the first place

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