Dermabrasion, mesotherapy and laser

Skin treatment by Dermabrasion, Pealing, Laser, and Mesotherapy

Healthy skin should be smooth, shiny, and uniform in color whatever that tone may be. Beauty of skin worries people a lot as some defects reduces the overall beauty of the face- some of these “defects” are:

  • Presence of scars from acne and pimples.
  • Skin stains from sun exposition, allergies, and post inflammatory.
  • Loss of skin glow
  • Appearance of skin protrusions


Presence of skin appendages, waxy grains, especially inflamed and precautionary treatments, which have improved a lot. The main idea of this method is to get rid of the superficial layer of skin and allow the skin to grow without harmful exposition to the sun and under complete care from the doctor, who prescribes moisturizing, anti inflammatory creams as well as capsules rich with vitamins that are important to the skin. Also improving the sub skin layer by stimulating the production of collage, which increases skin strength and vitality. One of the oldest and most important of such methods is

  • Dermabrasion: There are two types of abrasion

    1. Mechanical abrasion:

      A head made of synthetic diamond is used for this type of abrasion. The head rotates in various speeds, razing superficial skin layers. Surgeon specifies desired depth depending on the case. Superficial abrasion is used for treating superficial stains and softening skin; this level causes no side effects and is often used multiple times for desired results. On the other hand, deep abrasion is more suitable for scars such as the ones resulting from acne. However, it is advised that this method is done in the wintertime, because sun exposition could cause long-lasting skin stains. Caution must be taken if this method is taken and patient should abide by prescribed sun block, moisturizer and cosmetics.

    2. Abrasion by crystals:

      This method uses a machine that concentrates flow of crystals on the skin to raze the superficial layer of skin. This is suitable for brightening skin, removing superficial stains, and remedying acne pimples. However, it has no effect against scars. This procedure is done in a clinic without anesthetics and can be repeated for better results.


  • Chemical Pealing.

    This method has been popularized recently for its simplicity, as in most cases; neither full anesthesia nor surgery is needed. Superficial layers of skin are pealed using caustic substance such as trichloroacetic or glycolic acid. Depending on depth of pealing needed, surgeon sets machine and specifies variable concentrations for different cases.

    It should be noted that chemical pealing is very suitable for light skin unlike darker tones that might suffer from stains, unless procedure was intended for superficial changes only.

    Skin should be studied and prepared and not exposed to sunligt before surgery. Creams are also advised for optimal results. Chemical pealing can also be used with face lifting operations.

  • Laser

    Utilization of laser in medicine revolutionized methods of treatment especially in ophthalmology and plastic surgery. Laser is the prefix in the English language which describes enlargement of light by radiation; i.e producing a single spectrum color in a straight and balanced direction. Thus, negating the nature of normal light, which contains all the colors of the spectrum and moves in a random manner.

    There are as many kinds of lasers as there are applications to be used in. Lasers are designed for serving a specific purpose and vary in that sense. Producing lasers is similar in approach to producing neon lights in that energy (electricity) is inserted through a medium(Neon gas) to produce a light for specific purposes.

    One type of lasers, Excimer laser is often used for hair removal, treating moles as it absorbs the black dye in hair and moles, destroying it without causing damage to the rest of the skin. Other types of lasers include Carbon Dioxide Laser, which is used to remove skin protrusion and peal skin. KTP and ND:YAG lasers are other types of lasers used to treat Blood Moles as they absorb the hemoglobin oxide inside the blood cells destroying them, without causing damage to other tissues .

    Certainly, the development of Frictional Laser helped improve results and decrease side effect such as increased redness, which forces the patient to stay home for few days. It is, without doubt, on of the best types when it comes to facelift, scar and stain removal.

    So, concerning laser, I think we can conclude the following:

    • Laser is an efficient method for treating skin, concerning wrinkles, grains, and hair removal.
    • Laser is not a replacement for face and neck lifting operations, and serious wrinkles, but it is a good solution for small wrinkles and helps a lot with skin embellishment and glow.
    • Patients must make sure what kind they need before operating, so that they not fall prey of false advertisements.
    • Laser, unlike some claims, does not cause cancer and its side effects are avoidable if patient and doctor stick to appropriate usage.


  • Mesotherapy

    Using cosmetic certainly to regain skin vitality has lots of benefits. Generally, there are two types of creams: one type is produced by pharmaceutical companies, which passes through licensing by the ministry of heath, while the other type of creams is produced by cosmetic companies, who produce huge amounts and varieities of such creams and sell them at imaginary prices. The latter type of creams is more likely to harm you than benefit you in any kind as such creams do not require licensing or testing from the ministry of health as they are not classified as drugs and some are smuggled passing by no licensing whatsoever. It is only logical that the higher the rate of absorption of the substance the more effective the cream becomes. This enticed doctors to think of ways to inject creams directly in tissues- also known as mesotherapy. The Mesogen is a device that automatically sets the amount and depth of injection.

    I, personally, thought it was a scam at the beginning until I saw improvements in my own patients who have performed mesotherapy abroad, so I was induced to buy it.

    Different kinds of substances are injected; there is a set of protocols of treatment and effective substances such as vitamins, hyaluronic acid, collagen, amino acids, and epidermal growth factor. Injection occurs on a set of sessions and is repeater every several months for optimal results.

    It is mostly used to revive skin glow, treat skin stains, and also to help with hair falling.

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