Some infants are born with a varieties of deformities of their faces and skulls ranging from unnoticeable to severe, if not treated properly in the right time this may lead to permanent abnormalities and even mental retardation, that is why they should be referred to craniofacial surgeons whom are plastic surgeons with additional training and also have experience with maxillofacial surgery.

Some of these are called craniostenosis where the skull sutures close earlier than normal leading to hindering of the growth of the brain (60% of brain size is attained in the first year of life) that is why it needs surgery before 6 months. 

Some other conditions are less common like clefts of the face , Crouzon syndrome and Apert syndrome, where there is retarded growth of the orbit of the eye and middle part of the face and operation must be done to protect the eye. 

See in the picture how the eyes are brought nearer together and the nose is built.



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