Botox and fillers

It is now possible to treat and largely improve these defects by a set of Botox and fillers


If you suffer from wrinkles in your forehead, between eyebrows, and around your eyes. Also, if your eyebrows have dropped that your eyes are becoming narrower, rest assured that you can fix all that with one visit to an experienced plastic surgeon in Egypt.

Botox injection has become the most prominent beautification procedures for its simplicity, rapidness, and effectiveness in dealing with wrinkles. Botox is made of botulinum, which is manufactured and produced. The patient is given a very small amount that causes no harm whatsoever to the patient and I have not read about a single case of toxicity from this medication. The doctor handles and prepares the dosage before injecting patient. Note  Dosage should not be left in solution for more than two days after which it starts losing effectiveness.

After injection, patient should practice moving face muscles so that muscles suck in the dose. Do not expect results before two days; improvement will increase within two weeks and results stay around six month. Effects last for six months, after which, patient can repeat medication with longer lasting effects as the muscles responsible for wrinkles weaken and patient becomes less prone to wrinkles.

It is advised to not do any facial massages or eyebrow hair removal within the first ours, as it could cause leakage of Botox to undesired places, which causes slouching of the upper eyelid- an avoidable complication.

Botox can also be used to treat wrinkles in the neck and around the mouth but with increased caution. It can also help with other imperfections such as difference in level between eyebrows.

Even though Botox is a very simple treatment, it still requires experience in adjusting the correct dosage and depth of injection for optimum results. Also, sometimes, I personally ask my patients to come back for extra embellishments for best possible outcomes.


Do you suffer from the presence of wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, and on either side of your nose? Do you suffer from shriveling lips and descending cheeks? All these feelings have probably made you feel older and more distressed. You can get rid of all this from a single visit to a plastic surgeon thanks to modernized filler materials. Collagen used to be the most popular among these filler materials, but due to its allergic effects and the need to test prior to applying made it fall behind. Collagen is replaced now by Hyaluronic acid, which is chemically prepared and does not cause such allergies. This element is present in tissue and constructs fibrous tissues in the skin and various tissues; it is responsible for the strength and toughness of tissues.

There are different cosmetics from different cosmetic companies; some are injected on a superficial layer to deal with thin wrinkles while others are injected into deeper skin layer for deeper wrinkles, such as the ones around the nose. It is dangerous to inject the cosmetics for deeper skin layers into superficial layers as it causes chronic inflammations in the skin, while it is futile to use superficial cosmetic for deeper problems.

An hour and a half before injection, local anesthetic cream is applied so that patient does not feel the injection. These injections are given in specified locations, yielding instant results. Sometimes bruising arises, but disappears within two or three days. Cold foments are advised in the first hours then warm foments for the rest of the first two days to relieve the bruising.

These filler materials can also be used to restore freshness, ripeness, and moisture of skin by superficial injection. Effects of this filler material last between six and eighteen months, and even more for deeper injections around the cheek. Periodic reinjections to maintain effects are done by some.

Skin treatment by Abrasion, Pealing, Laser, and Mesotherapy

Healthy skin should be smooth, shiny, and uniform in color whatever that tone may be. Beauty of skin worries people a lot as some defects reduces the overall beauty of the face- some of these “defects” are:

  • Presence of scars from acne and pimples.
  • Skin stains from sun exposition, allergies, and post inflammatory.
  • Loss of skin glow
  • Appearance of skin protrusions

Presence of skin appendages, waxy grains, especially inflamed and precautionary treatments, which have improved a lot. The main idea of this method is to get rid of the superficial layer of skin and allow the skin to grow without harmful exposition to the sun and under complete care from the doctor, who prescribes moisturizing, anti inflammatory creams as well as capsules rich with vitamins that are important to the skin. Also improving the sub skin layer by stimulating the production of collage, which increases skin strength and vitality. One of the oldest and most important of such methods is

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